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MPPT solar charge controller



  • Willi Kaesser

    I want to use my epever XTRA-4210n PV-Controller. I have a lifepo4-Battery, so I have to adjust the Values for controlling the parameters for my specific battery. the values of your settings are wrong for my battery, they are far too high, it would destroy my battery. I tried to set parameters by choosing battery-type “user” . All went fine, but when I want to update the parameters of the controller, it always tells me: “the value for Over Voltage Disconnect Voltage is not allowed”. This causes, that I cannot set any parameters in the controller. Please help me.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for reaching out.
      Please send us an email to ” helpdesk [at] epsolarpv.com ” and my colleagues in the technical support department will provide you with the RS485 interface information.

  • peter m giovacchino

    MPPT solar charge controler.

    Need help with basic understaning on programing controler.
    Like battary charing stages, battary type, interface, etc. thank you pete.

  • Angus Chambers

    Will connecting a smart charger when back at base damage the MMPT solar charger?


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