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Limited Warranty

EPEVER limited product warranty

All EPEVER products, including solar charge controllers, Inverters, Hybrid inverter-chargers and LED light controllers come with a warranty for a period of 2 years.

EPEVER products are supported by a worldwide sales and distribution network.

You must have registered your product on EPEVER product registration portal (under construction).

To claim a warranty case, your first contact point is where you purchased the product. Our verified distributors are able to assist you with service and support consultation. To check for a list of our approved distributors, please check this link. If the seller is unable to provide services, please contact EPEVER directly using the form below of this page.

If you purchased the product from an online shop, please contact them for warranty claims. EPEVER does not sell directly via any online shops.


Warranty does not apply under the following conditions:

  1. The product identification information has been altered, defaced, or removed.
  2. Artificial damage includes using in an abnormal environment, not following the user manual, etc.
  3. Voltage abnormal (such as over-voltage, abnormal shut off), wrong voltage settings.
  4. Accident or abuse, including drops, reversed polarity, etc.
  5. Disassemble, repair, or modify by EPEVER unverified engineers.
  6. Contact with water, steam, or other liquids.
  7. Any shipping damage by improperly packaged products.
  8. Damage occurring during installation.
  9. Lightning, corrosion, fire, floods, earthquake, or acts of God, including Force Majeure events.
  10. War, turmoil, strike.
  11. Damage is caused by a third-party product, hardware, software, or accessories.
  12. Stolen product.
  13. Physical damage to the shell surface but does not affect the use of the equipment.

Warranty form

    Installation Info

    Load Info

    Battery Info

    PV Info

    Product Failure and Defective Info


    Seller Info


    how can we help you?

    Contact us at the EPEVER office nearest to you or submit a message online.

    Please feel free to contact us .