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Solar charge controller

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  • Ahmad Hamzavi

    I have a Tracer 4210AN
    I want to use it in my RV.
    My devices are DC, Can I use Load output port for driving those devices? some one told me I can not use the load port for my devices, (I know for Inverter I must use Battery directly) My question is about DC devices.
    If I can, what is the limitation of output amp?
    I read the user manual but I can realize it.

    What does “Maximum Discharge Current” number mean? Is it the maximum current that can be drawn from the Load output of the charge controller?

    • Hi Ahmad, thanks for your comments. You can connect the DC devices to the load terminals of Tracer4210AN. But please make sure that the max. DC load current can not exceed the “Maximum Discharge Current” of the charge controller. “Maximum Discharge Current” means the maximum amount of current (measured in amps) that can be pulled or drawn from the battery pack.

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